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Tips to buy the best cotton embroidery fabric online

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Tips to buy the best cotton embroidery fabric online

If you are typical Indian; before buying carrying out a proper research is your trait but no need to worry because we are here with the things to keep at your finger tip and you need to exactly look while buying best cotton embroidery fabrics or to wrap yourself into a traditional embroidered salwaar suit or a designer saree.

  1. Thread Count is the main thing

Thread counts means the number of threads present in one square inch which is of great importance while selecting a cotton embroidery fabric. Now what makes all the difference is the number; for good embroidery it is preferable to chose one with lower number otherwise the weave will be too tight. The preferable thread count while selecting cotton embroidery fabric is below 150

  1. Choose 100% natural cotton

The benefit of choosing a natural fibre is that they are soft at the same time perfect enough to brace ornamental stitches. Been soft allows easy moment both vertically and horizontally.

  1. Consider Kona for Quilting

Make kona cotton your first choice .It’s lightweight, will stay taught in a hoop, and has an embroidery-friendly 120 thread count. It’s thread count is 120, lightweight  and stitches are hardly visible.

  1. Give a Pre-Wash

Buying the best cotton will not make your embroidery look the best. It necessary for your cotton embroidery fabric to pre-washed before stitching. This is important to tighten up the weave and maintain a perfect consistency throughout.

  1. Last but not the least “When in Doubt, Try It Out”

Indeed the best way to plump for a fabric is to pick up a few samples, purchase as little or as much as you want do some stitching, and check which one works and looks the best for your particular project. The cotton embroidery fabric you try adds to your embroidery expertise, and pretty soon you’ll intuitively know which fabric quality is precisely your type.

Tips for all Cotton embroidery fabric users in case you fabric is too thin; back it with fusible embroidery stabilizer or a piece of white Kona cotton underneath your chosen fabric and keep the white cotton at the back of your stitches.

And here comes all your worries to end! Never be afraid to try unique things. You can always try your hand out to embroider on jeans, t-shirts and even canvas shoes! Have fun with it!

Happy online shopping!!!

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