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Is cotton a good fabric for embroidery

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A natural fabric, cotton is a highly preferred fabric for generations. From elaborate dresses to small pouches, cotton is a fabric that can be easily converted into almost anything you wish to wear. Since the year 5000 BC, human being has found comfort in wearing cotton. And even today where a wide range of synthetic fabric is available, cotton continues to thrive as the most selling fabric throughout the world. While plain cotton is the best fabric if you are looking for summer wear, cotton embroidery is a good option for bridal and party wears. But have you ever wondered what makes cotton favorable for embroidery? Check out this blog to learn more.

What makes cotton a good fabric for embroidery?

  1. Cotton is durable and strong: Cotton does not require any kind of special handling as that required by most other fabrics. If you are looking for a fabric that comes in handy for rough use, cotton stands out to be a good choice. Getting down dirty seems like a simple affair when you are wearing cotton. Even staining your favorite cotton embroidery saree won’t break your bank for cleaning. The durability of the fabric depends by and large on the quality of cotton you have chosen. However, almost all cotton fabrics irrespective of their quality grade can withstand a simple wash and retain the actual color.
  2. Cotton is free of odor and keeps your body cool: A major benefit hitched to the use of cotton is that it is odor-free and breathable. This is a major reason why cotton is a preferred fabric for all types of bedding assortments and workout wears. With its fabulous moisture-wicking feature, Cotton-made sportswear will keep away the sweat and odor quite effortlessly. And no wonder, this is why when you look for embroidery bedsheets, you will most certainly come across the cotton embroidery ones. They need less laundry effort and save your energy.
  3. Cotton calls for low maintenance: Cotton is a naturally occurring fabric that needs very low maintenance. All that you need to do on your part is to scrub and wash the tough stains with a good stain remover and leave the rest on the washing machine. Cotton embroidery clothes too do not need any dry cleaning and can retain their brand new look for quite a long period.
  4. Cotton is a versatile fabric: Cotton can be worn on almost every occasion. Whether you are looking for sportswear or work attire or wedding attire, you will find the use of cotton in almost every piece of clothing. Gorgeous party wear will make you feel light if made with cotton embroidery. Depending upon the woven or knitted fabric design, this textile can be used to make lace, velour, corduroy, and chambray materials.

Wrapping up

To buy the best cotton cloth for making dresses, handbags, accessories, or more, make sure to opt for only 100% cotton fabric. You will get to select from an array of colors and prints that meet your needs.

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