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Georgette fabric

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How to transform a georgette fabric into a gorgeous and versatile wearable?

Made from silk, georgette is a much popular fabric across the world. It is known for its texture, is lightweight, and is extremely comfortable to wear. The threads in georgette are woven tightly through the overall appearance of the fabric is slightly sheer. This is not only due to the threads being thin but also being tightly twisted making the material crackle when relaxed. It gives a creep texture to georgette which is why this fabric is suitable for making dresses with a flowing or clingy look. Georgette is also known for its high absorption capacity and can be easily dyed in multiple colors. In short, you can get effortless access to a wide array of colors and prints available for this fabric in the market.

How to transform georgette fabric into a wearable?

From beautiful bridal wear to casual sarees, georgette has been put to several uses and is highly favoured by popular designers in the fashion industry. Here are some of the ways you can put your chosen georgette fabric into use:

  • Sarees: Owing to their lightweight and feather-like texture, georgette is most widely used in sarees. These sarees are available at different prices in terms of both embroidery and prints. While the printed georgette sarees come at an affordable price, those with embroidery work are often higher and are subject to change depending on the amount of thread work done. Georgette sarees with motifs and embellishments are used often for parties and weddings.
  • Dresses: You can make beautiful clingy or flowy dresses with georgette. Paired perfectly with lining, georgette dresses can elevate your look to no less than a princess. They are comfortable to wear for casual nights as well as parties.
  • Bridal wears: Designers have always shown a soft corner for georgette when it comes to bridal wear. This fabric when paired with motifs and sparkling embellishments turns up to be the best one for making bridal and party lehengas. It is also easily manageable and comfortable to carry thus being the best choice for your D-day.
  • Dupattas: Georgette is largely used for making dupattas. As dupattas are considered to be an extra piece of cloth, designers prefer keeping them light and comfortable. This calls for georgette which is available in different colors and can be teamed with vibrant laces to give it a party look.

Wrapping so

Georgette fabric is so colorful and gorgeous in itself that it can be used without any extra decoration. However, owing to its slightly slippery nature, georgette calls for perfect fittings when transformed into a wearable. This is a reason why designers prefer sewing georgette using a tissue to keep the stitch in place.

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