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Georgette Dupattas

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Traits of Georgette fabric that make it suitable for use as Dupattas

Georgette fabric that belongs to the family of crepe fashion fabrics is a type of woven silk textile which is also made from other types of synthetic fibers such as rayon, polyester, etc. Georgette fabrics form a beautiful drape with a slightly rumpled surface. This crepe fabric traces its origin at the inception of the twentieth century in the state of France. Georgette fabric since then has kept the bars high in fashion with more significance in bridal wear.

Georgette fabric is a basic entwined fabric that is knit using yarns that are tightly twisted in s-twist and z-twist yarn fashion. In simple layman’s language which means the yarns used are twisted and interknit in opposite directions. It is due to these twists that turn out those beautiful puckers on the surface of the fabric, which gives Georgette its signature crinkled touch.

Apart from being woven into beautiful Georgette Dupattas of silk fabric georgette can also be woven using the weave of satin or jacquard which are otherwise very popular throughout the country and bring out charming satin Georgette and jacquard Georgette respectively.

Before knowing the peculiarities of Georgette fabric that turns it into beautiful Georgette Dupattas let’s be close to its distinct character and types of Georgette fabrics.

Facets of Georgette Dupattas
Several characteristics make Georgette a unique fabric. These include:

  • Light in weight and highly breathable – The Georgette Dupattas are the light, trifling, and super airy fabric that is fairly suitable for breathing. However here it is important to keep certain things in mind that georgette Dupattas that are made with synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, spandex, etc are slightly less breathable than those manufactured with silk.
  • Crumple and Rumple – The elegant look which is obtained in Georgette Dupattas is for none other than its trademark puckered appearance which is none other than a consequence of the steadfastly braided yarns used in the knitting.
  • SheerGeorgette Dupattas are sheer, translucent fabric nevertheless it is slightly less sheer than its twin fabric, chiffon, which is mesh-like. 
  • Nice drape - The Georgette Dupattas is a very flowy fabric that has a nice structure and drape. It can be veneered on top of more solid fabrics to build in dimension and create a charismatic look.
  • Holds dye well – The Georgette Dupattas are available in different colors because it holds dye nicely, and the natural off-white color of silk can be color-washed in a variety of hues and patterns.

Classifications of Georgette fabric
Be it natural fabric like cotton or a synthetic fabric like silk all of them can be classified into several types depending on their type, texture, and varieties, each having its unique character.

  • Double Georgette – The Silk double Georgette is nothing but is a slightly dense variation of Georgette but keeping its aura intact it is translucent and gives a nice drape.
  • Stretch Georgette – As the name suggests Stretch Georgette subsumes elastic materials like spandex to gain elasticity.
  • Satin Georgette – In this type of Georgette satin is mixed in the weave, which gives it a glossy finish.
  • Jacquard Georgette - Jacquard loom on which the georgette is what makes all the difference, incorporating strength and a jacquard design. 
  • Polyester Georgette - Georgette manufactured from polyester.

Fabric Care Guide: How Do You Care For Georgette Dupattas?
It should be dry cleaned or washed by hand. It is advisable not to use machine wash. Precautions to be taken to hand-wash Georgette:

  • Use a mild detergent in cold water.
  • Soak your garment or item in a tub filled with cold water and detergent and move it around to let the soap distribute evenly.
  • Do not wring the item and stay away from stretching and pulling your Dupattas.
  • For drying lay it flat.

Wrapping so

Georgette Dupattas are one such item you will find in the wardrobe of any woman. Georgette as a fabric being the style statement in functions of the year is considered as the fabric for spring, summer. So, it’s your turn to flaunt yourself with the floral printed Georgette Dupattas.


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