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Different Embroidery Designs Ideas For Your Wedding Dress

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Different Embroidery Designs Ideas for Your Wedding Dress

Are you planning a gift for the newlywed or working as a wedding designer who finds interest in decorating the wedding gown with handmade elements? Then this embroidery designs collection is sure to bring you joy. From the wedding dress to tablecloths with different types of stitches to detailed and rich heirloom art, all these designs rightly convey the love you have for your people walking down the aisle. But despite these, what remains highly important is to be sure that you select a design as per one’s taste and preferences. Check out these embroidery designs that make a perfect place for designing wedding dresses.

What are the top embroidery design ideas for wedding dresses?

Today people prefer comfort and simplicity over the extravagant wedding look. This has given birth to the use of fabric like cotton and silk for designing wedding dresses. Keeping these two factors in concern, designers have come up with embroidery designs to make sure their clients get to stay comfortable in their wedding attire at the same time retaining the aura and style.  Here are some of the top embroidery designs ideas to give a different touch to wedding dresses.

  1. Groom and Bride text patterns: If you are planning a simple yet attention-seeking wedding dress, embroidery needs to be a part of it. The initials of the Groom and Bride’s name can be designed on their wedding attire to make it look a bit different than the regular wedding dress trend. This will look amazing if the initials are incorporated with embroidered floral chain or a wedding ring. Grab any of these patterns and get them stitched on your wedding dress to set a different style statement.
  2. Transfer wedding wishes into embroidery pattern: A unique but modern way to give an exotic look to your wedding dress is the incorporation of your wedding wishes in the form of embroidery designs. You can also add a champagne glass or a wedding cake or a bride and groom pattern added to it. Beautiful wedding quotes too can be embroidered.
  3. Mrs. And Mr. Embroidery pattern: A Mrs and Mr title can be embroidered on the wedding dress with beautiful floral designs encircling it. You can either opt for hand-done or machine stitched embroidery, which is supposed to differ from one another by a fraction of the price.
  4. Vintage French knots embroidery pattern: Vintage French knots embroidery designs are an amazing source of bridal embroidery patterns and can be paired perfectly with wedding bells. These detailed designs look amazing on white and ivory wedding gowns as well as pastel shades, whether hand stitched or machine stitched.

Final Say

If you are looking for something different with your dress attire, it is best to switch to embroidered designs than opt for simple cuts and lines. Last but not the least, do not forget about the veil. Embroidery work can enhance the look of wedding veils as well. 







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